Avalanche Trail at Glacier National Park

Today we went to Glacier National Park in Montana.

Glacier National Park is a park in the state of Montana a couple of hours away from Canada.

In the park we took a hike to one big lake. It took us approximately 3 hours. We went by a really pretty river, a big forest and in the end we reached a big lake with mountains in the background. It was so beautiful.

DSC01417 (480x640)

DSC01342 (640x480)

DSC01336 (640x480)

On the lake there was a big tree log laying in the water so I balanced on it and got to the tip of it. It was cool to be out in the water without getting wet.

DSC01366 (640x480)

DSC01393 (640x480)

DSC01339 (640x480)

DSC01335 (640x480)

On our way back we saw a pretty waterfall and then we went back to the RV.