Boeing Airplane Factory Tour

Today we visited the Boeing Factory near Seattle, Washington. Boeing is a company that makes commercial airplanes for different airlines around the world. They for example make planes for Delta Air Lines and United Air Lines.

DSC01217 (640x480)

We got to go on a factory tour where we got to see big airplanes being made and we got to learn about how they made them. First we got to see the skeleton of a plane and then we got to learn that they make different parts in different places in the world and they ship them to the factory were they put them together.

It is hard work but they make really cool stuff! They mostly make 747 and the 777 which are planes that we mostly travel on with which I thought was super cool.

DSC01223 (640x480) DSC01215 (640x480)


Another thing that I got to do there was to finally get a laser pen. I love it and I’m so happy that I saved up for it!