Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho

Today we went to Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho. Craters of the Moon National Park is a place that looks like the moon. The reason why it looks like the moon is because several thousand years ago the volcanos around the area erupted. The lava that came out cooled down and made a place covered by lava rocks. It looks super cool!

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The first thing we did was go on a cave tour with a ranger. It took us half an hour and we saw stalactites made out of lava and lava tubes. The roof of the lava cave had cracked and fallen down… it was super cool to go in there! After the tour we went and got our Junior Ranger Books.

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7:00pm we went back to the park for one more Ranger walk. This time he talked about the different plants and how the park formed. He also showed us two volcanoes nearby.

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The park is super cool and you learn a lot about magma, lava rocks and volcanoes!