Craters of the Moon – on earth!

Today we went to Craters of the Moon National Park. First we went on a ranger talk and that took us through the Indian Tunnel.

IMG_0717 (640x480)

DSC01985 (640x480)

Then we walked around in the tunnel a little longer. At the end of the tunnel, they was a little hole in the top you climbed out of or there was a little passage way with a dead end you could get a photo in. Then we went to another ranger walk where we took a little stroll and went to and overlook and went home.

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Then we went BACK to Craters of the Moon WITH Mommy because she had a stomach ache the first day. We showed her exactly what we did yesterday and we showed her Indian Tunnel and actually found a cave and Anton and I CRAWLED through it.

DSC01942 (640x480)

Another day, another adventure!