Donate Books!

Help us donate books to kids across America!

Our family will be visiting schools and educational programs across America to donate books and raise awareness about the need for age appropriate books for low-income children.  You can join our efforts by making a donation today!

Did you know …

  •  The lowest income kids in America don’t have a single age-appropriate book in their home. Neither their families nor their schools can afford to purchase books at retail prices.
  • In some of the poorest neighborhoods, there is only one age-appropriate book for every 300 kids.  In comparison, kids in well-off neighborhoods have access to 13 books each.
  • 80% of programs targeting low-income kids report they don’t have any books.

We are thrilled to be partnering with First Book so we can get as many books as possible to where they are needed most.   First Book has donated over 100 million books to children in need.  The First Book Marketplace, the first and only effective online system, offers over 3,000 titles of low-cost books to schools and programs serving children in need. Books on the First Book Marketplace are 50-90% off retail prices and average $2.50 each, so every $10 donation buys four books for a child in need!

If you believe that every child deserves to have a quality education, one that is only possible  with a healthy supply of books, please contribute today. It will only take a moment of your time to unlock the power of reading for a boy or girl, but your gift will be remembered for a lifetime.

Golden Corral’s Foundation, ChildTrust, has generously offered a $15,000 challenge grant.  Every $10 you donate normally buys four books – now it has the power to buy EIGHT BOOKS for $10! 

Please click here to join our book drive and track our progress:

11Feb progress

We will be visiting six programs across America.  Our goal is to raise enough money to give at least 1,000 books to each school or program – but we would love to give many more, if possible.  Please help us meet that goal!
Here is what your donation will do for a child or community:

    •  $1,000 = 400 books to start home libraries for a neighborhood of low-income families.
    •  $500 = 200 books fill backpacks for 50 children in a community-based program.
    •  $250 = 100 books to place a stack of books on every desk in a classroom.
    •  $100 = 40 books to provide tutoring material to a child and mentor for an entire year.
    •  $50 = 20 books to give a year of bedtime stories to a family in need.
    •  $20 = 8 books to introduce the joy of reading to a first-time reader.

THANK YOU to our friends for donations and support:

  • Golden Corral Foundation, ChildTrust, for a challenge grant of $15,000 for 6,000 books!
  • Scandinavian Child for coordinating Raleigh, NC book shipments for us!
  • Lyon Legacy will donate to our Book Drive with any purchase of Natural Supplements or Magnets here.

Check back here often to see stories from our visits to schools.

Upcoming book events …

  • February 1 – Memphis, TN (see below)
  • February 8 – New Orleans, LA (see below)
  • March 1 – San Diego, CA
  • May 14 – Seattle, WA (click here)
  • May 31 – Montana
  • June – Omaha, NE (exact date TBD)

We delivered books!

Some of the Kids

Click here, here and here for more information about the books we delivered and the great kids we met in Memphis, Tennessee!

The Book Crew

You can see pictures from our visit in New Orleans here.

*Please note that NO money donated will be used to fund this trip.  100% of donation money will be used to fund books for children through First Book.