Fort Clinch, Florida – A Civil War Fort Reenactment

Today we went to Amelia Island to visit Fort Clinch and we saw how they lived during Civil War around 1864. We saw old shops, cottages, and a small hospital where a surgeon told us what they did.


The surgeon had bone saws and a tool to remove tonsils. She told us that back then, if you swallowed a tonsil you would die. She told us back then they never would wash their hands or wear gloves. They had a bucket on the end of the table and she told us when blood got on the table she poured water on the table and pushed all of the blood to the end of the table where it landed into what they called a blood bucket.


Then when we left we discover that the flag had only 35 stars which meant that back then there were only 35 states in the USA.


We found out about Fort Clinch because I did a research project on Google maps by typing in tourism and you get list of places that would be fun that is close to you. We got all the information, so we went!!!!! Here is a video I found while doing my research.