Giving 1,000 Books to Kids in Seattle, WA

The Gump Trip has made it to Seattle, Washington and we are celebrating by giving 1,000 books to students at the John Muir Elementary School.  These kids love, love, love books. I wish we could have audio recordings because my favorite moments were when children said “These are MY books?  That I can bring HOME?  FOREVER???”


That is the best part about giving books with  These books are for children to have for their very own at home.  The targeted audience is children who don’t typically have a single age appropriate book and there are unfortunately many children who have that need.

While that is a somber truth, let’s enjoy a few photos from this festive day.  First, we started out at the John Muir Elementary School.  We met with several classrooms and talked about what it is like to travel in an RV and meet new people all over the United States.

_DSC0900 (640x427)

_DSC0990 (640x427)

_DSC1026 (640x427)

_DSC1056 (640x427)

Gump Trippers (640x457)

Kelly read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” to one of the classes.

DSC01100 (640x480)

Kelly Reads to the class (640x427)

Then the kids got to choose books from the book cart.

_DSC1103 (640x427)

Then we visited one of the local neighborhoods where many of the children live.  Not only did John Muir students get books, but their siblings did as well!

_DSC1127 (640x427)

_DSC1137 (640x427)

_DSC1165 (427x640)

_DSC1168 (640x427)

_DSC1178 (427x640)

_DSC1181 (427x640)

_DSC1219 (427x640)

_DSC1233 (640x427)

_DSC1245 (640x427)

_DSC1273 (427x640)DSC01160 (640x480)

Happy Tony (640x480)

We have done some extraordinary things on this trip but every day we give away books is the best possible day!

THANK YOU to our friends, family and the Golden Corral foundation for making this possible through your generous donations.

If you want to help, please click the Donate Books tab at the top of the page.  Every dollar donated goes to First Book for our book drive.  Every $10 donated buys FOUR brand new books.