Hiking Lake MacDonald at Glacier National Park

We have been busy taking hikes in Glacier National Park. First we did a hike called the Fish Creek hike. It was just by the water so at the end of the trail we got to sit by it and enjoy the beautiful view on Lake MacDonald.

DSC01477 (640x455)

DSC01502 (640x480)

It was warm in the sun so Kelly and I decided that we were going to dip our feet in the water. It was pretty cold so Kelly decided to walk on the rocks instead. Then suddenly she was in the water! She had fallen in!

DSC01505 (640x480)

She was not hurt and was actually laughing. It was all so funny so I decided to go in the water as well!

DSC01527 (640x480)


DSC01523 (640x480)


We had a really good time by the lake and then it was time to go back and on our way back we saw three deer really close! It was such a good day.

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