Hiking to Grinnell at Glacier National Park

Today we went on a hike to Grinnell Glacier. It was a super long hike so we decided that we would go as much as we could. On our way we saw all kinds of things; tracks from beavers, animal droppings, mountain goats, and butterflies.

DSC01685 (640x480)

DSC01641 (640x480)

Busy Beavers (640x480)

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DSC01734 (640x480)

The view we had on the hike was so beautiful. You could see the lake, the forest and the snow topped mountains.

We also got to hike on snow since it had not melted fully yet. In the end we saw a lot of waterfalls at almost the end on the trail there was a part were there was steep snow with water flowing under it, so we figured that we would not go on it so we decided to turn around. But we got a really good view of the lake from there! Although… we never got to see the glacier.

DSC01705 (640x480)

DSC01675 (640x480)

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On our way back with the car we stopped at an overlook and saw another glacier, so we got to see one of them! The sad thing is that they say that all of them are going to be gone in the next 10 years…!

The last thing we did was to stop at a restaurant called Luna’s and had dinner. It was super nice!