Manatee Swim

Yesterday we went to swim with manatees. It took 22 minutes to get to “the three sisters springs” in Homosassa Florida. Then we got wetsuits, flippers and a snorkel. Then we got to a boat that would take us to the manatees.

Suited Up

Suited Up

When we arrived, we jumped in to the water and we saw a baby manatee and a mommy manatee swimming by us, but they swam to the “do not enter” zone which is a zone where manatees can be without being disturbed, so we could not pet them. Then we saw another manatee and this one came to us, so we could pet him! A manatee feels “gushy”, wrinkly and funny.


I learned that manatees have a heavy ribcage and their lungs are 2/3 of their body which is why they look fat. The manatees can’t be in cold water because they can get frost bite or get sick and die.

We learned that if you have a boat in Florida you have to be careful when putting the anchor in the water and it’s best if you use sunglasses so that you can see the manatees if it is a sunny day. You have to follow the rules so that you don’t hurt a manatee.

They also have a lot of rules when you swim with manatees. You can’t ride them, you can’t follow them and you can’t poke them. But the most important thing is that you can’t separate a baby manatee from its mom! Because then they may not be able to find its mom and maybe get hurt.

Swimming with the manatees was awesome! Because we got to see a lot of them and we got to touch them.

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