Our Drive to Oklahoma and Kansas – in snow!

Today we went to two more states. The states were Oklahoma and Kansas. It took 4 hours because the snow was in the way. At the side of the road there was a truck that accidentally had run over a pickup truck.

When we past Kansas my mom saw that Dorothy’s house from the movie “Wizard of OZ” was located in the  city we was going to visit. The city is called Liberal.   I made a snowman in the snow and then we went to a museum where they had a lot of things from the cities past.

Anton Even Made a Snowman (640x480)

Dorothy and her house (640x480)

After that we went and had lunch in a Mexican restaurant. Because of the snow we decided to go back before the dark and we saw a lot more trucks of the road. When we came back to Amarillo we visited a ranch called the “The Cadillac Ranch”. The Cadillac Ranch is an art installation where Cadillac cars are stuck to the ground in the middle of the field. The cars are spray painted.  It was really cool to see the Cadillac cars.

Cadillac Ranch (640x480) Cadillacs up Close (640x480)

It was funny to see snow in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas!

Texas with snow and a bumper (640x480) Oklahoma (640x480) Kansas (640x480)

Here is a presentation I did about Amarillo, Texas.  We were supposed to visit Cimmaron National Grasslands but it was too snowy.  You can read about it here: Cimmaron Grasslands