I am an entrepreneur who was born in Sweden but I have lived in the US since 1995.  I am excited about my family’s Gump Trip adventure and proud that they take this big leap, heading out to explore, learn about and enjoy this beautiful, multi-cultural country.

It is also exciting and wonderful that Kelly and Anton will share their journey and findings with their friends and classmates back home on a regular basis!

When I am not cheerleading them on, or “parachuting in” to join them for a segment of their trip, I am the Chief Commercial Officer for a new, very exciting service for dog owners called Dognition, which aims to help dog owners to understand their dog’s unique genius, resulting in a more enriched relationship between dog and owner.

I am also a photographer as time permits (yeah, right) and publish much of my work on my CB // Photography website.  I photograph everything from landscapes, concerts and other events to portraits and studio work – both personal projects and commisioned projects.