Seattle’s Pacific Science Center

Today we went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington. It is an awesome museum close to the Space Needle. There you can learn about different things that have to do with science.

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One thing that we got to do was to make a path for a ball on a vertical wall. I learned that if you do a high drop and it hits multiple platforms that are formed like hills it will eventually drop down to the bottom. It matters where you put the different hills and how high the drop is.

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We also got to learn about how the melting of the glaciers affects our planet. The glaciers that we have on our planet are good for us, because they are white they reflect the sunlight.  However, if the glaciers melted it would leave a black sea behind and since black absorb light it would make the planet hotter.

Another thing that we learned was that if you have a hair dryer and a ping pong ball the ping pong ball will follow the hair dryer air instead of falling down on the ground. This is because the air from the hair dryer is much stronger then the air around it.

The museum was super awesome because you didn’t have to go around and read a bunch of stuff but you could actually do experiments that taught you about science!