The Grand Canyon – from the West Rim this time

This weekend was all about spending time with my family since my dad was visiting us!

We went to spend time at the west rim of the Grand Canyon! The drive there was little more than two hours, but when we got there mommy said that we were going to take a helicopter ride down to the bottom of the canyon! It was super exciting.

Anton in the Helicopter (640x480)

The helicopter ride took us 5-10 minutes. Down at the bottom we took a boat ride in the Colorado River and it was so cool. After that it was time to fly up again with the helicopter. It was super nice! To see the canyon from a helicopter was so awesome and really beautiful!

Boating on the Colorado River (640x480)

View from the Helicopter (640x480)

After the whole day at the canyon we spent some time at the ranch that we were going to sleeping at – The Grand Canyon Ranch. They had gold panning there that was super fun and at night the offered s’mores over an open fire with a cowboy named Casey singing. It was really fun! Then we also go to now that we were going to sleep in a tipi!