Why Gump Trip?

We love America!  Kelly and Anton were born and raised in Raleigh, NC and have traveled to Minnesota and Sweden (where Mommy and Pappa are from) but have not seen many other US States or Canada.  We are traveling across America so they can experience the beauty and diversity it has to offer.

But, why do we call it our “Gump” Trip?  We LOVE how Forrest Gump had such an open heart and free spirit, which is how he ‘Gumped’ his way into meeting extraordinary people and visiting unique places.  That is what we want to do as we travel across America.

And while we know this will be a special time together, we also know that other kids don’t get to travel as much.  This is why we are creating virtual field trips on our website that other kids can share.  As you read the blogs, please post comments or questions … we want you to join our adventure!

Please be sure to visit our ‘Donate Books’ page.  We are partnering with First Book to deliver books to children around the country who do not have books.  Any donation can help us reach our goal of delivering 6,000 books!